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Hints for the Garden and Yard

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Hints for Gardeners
bulletWear overalls, pants, or vests that have pockets and carry a few 3x5" index cards with an ink pen clipped to them so that you can jot down notes of 'to do's' as you're working or walking around you gardens and yard. This way you won't forget what you want to do next time you're out in the garden and waste time and trips to the shed.
bulletStart arm strengthening exercises about a month before you will be out in your gardens for a new season. This will save you experiencing aches & pains &  you'll be able to handle the work load better.


I've just added a page with 2 charts that will make it easy to see what plants grow well together and even some to stay away from.  

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HOW TO….                                             
…………Repel Deer & Rabbits from your vegetable garden (Maybe!)…

Try these:
- Pour a path of Milorganite about 3 inches wide and 1 inch deep around the perimeter of the complete garden and a thin layer of it around each plant. The scent is not pleasing to them and they may not venture further into the garden. Repeat the process about every 4 weeks.   Milorganite is a non-burning fertilizer so it can be used in any garden.  For more information go to:   http://www.milorganite.com/homeowners/products.cfm
- Plant the citronella scented geranium plants about 3 feet apart around your garden. These plants propagate very easily from cuttings placed right in some dirt. Just keep them moist until they start growing new leaves. These are annuals. The scent may hide the smell of your veggies growing from these intruders.
- Plant garlic cloves about 1 foot apart around your garden. As the 'leaves' grow tall, break off some of them to increase the aroma of the garlic in the area.  Also - plant garlic chives. These are perennial & reseed too! The garlic smell has been known to deter unwanted visitors.
- I also put out coyote urine that you can buy in bottles. There is also a granule version to sprinkle around the area. Coyotes are a predator of deer & rabbits and their smell in the area will help keep them away.

Using one or more of these HINTS may be worth a try if you are having problems. 

HINT:   For a list of ornamental plants that Deer 'usually' do not eat, you can purchase that here.

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